At A Gust of Sun, we offer a selection of both dry and sweet wines to suit everyone's palate.  Our wines are made from vinifera, hybrid, and native American grapes.  Our current selection is listed below. (updated 8/11/2014)

Dry Whites
++Chardonnay 2012 ($16.95)
Winemakers' Reserve Dry Vignoles 2012 ($14.95)
++Dry Diamond 2012 ($14.95)

Dry Reds
Pinot Noir 2011 ($19.95)
++Pinot Noir 2012 ($24.95)
Cody's Cab Franc 2011 ($23.95)
+Jewell's Cab Franc 2011 ($23.95)
+Abbey's Cab Franc 2011 ($23.95)
+Cabernet Franc (Reserve) 2011 ($24.95)
++Trismegistus (Meritage) Dry Red 2011 ($24.95)

Sweet Whites
Semi-Sweet Vignoles 2012 ($14.95)
+Sweet Westies White 2011 ($16.95)
Sweet Westies Spice 2011 ($16.95) Only tasted in the winter, but ask for the spice pack and you can make it at home!
++Sweet Diamond 2012 ($14.95)
Rasp-ody in Blue ($12.95)
Sax on the Peach ($12.95)

Sweet Reds
Cherry Sunburst ($12.95)

+Bronze Medal winner
++Silver medal winner

"Besides at the winery tasting room, where else can I buy A Gust of Sun wines?"

Currently we are in a few local liquor stores and restaurants.  Click the file below for the complete list and what wines each location carries.  We are actively trying to increase our presence in local stores.  If your favorite store does not currently carry our wines, ask them to carry us! Most stores tell us they make local wine purchase decisions based upon customer referrals.

These were the 7 wines we opened our doors with.