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Abbey, Cody, and Jewell the West Highland White Terriers have been members of the "Gust of Sun" family for some time.  Come and say hello to them when you visit!

Abbey (left) entered our family in June 2009 when she had just turned 4.  She was a rescue in the sense that her previous owner who lived near us was unable to care for her anymore.  She is a tomboy who likes to roughhouse with Cody and nibble on unsuspecting fingers!  She is also extremely affectionate and seems to prefer the company of her 2-legged dad.  Her choice resting position is to find someone's lap and straddle it like a seat-belt. She is spunky and foxy.  It's no wonder that Abbey's favorite White wine is Niagara and her favorite Red is Concord!

Cody (center) is our one male westie.  He was raised by Shane and Erik from a pup, picking him up from a breeder at 8 weeks old in January 2005!  Cody is the guardian and protector of the household and tries to be the leader of the pack. When the 2-legged mom and dad come home, Cody runs to get the nearest toy to show to us.  He knows the most tricks of all the dogs.  If you see him, hod your hand about a foot off the ground and say "Hello Cody!" and he will shake your hand!  He is feisty and cunning.  Cody's favorite White wine is Chardonnay or Cayuga White and his favorite Red is Cabernet Franc!  Sadly, Cody passed away in February 2017 from lymphoma.

Jewell (right) is our oldest dog, born in April 2003, though we did not get her until September 2004.  She had a couple litters at the same breeder Cody came from before we got her.  She and Cody are actually half siblings, having the same dad.  Jewell is definitely the mama figure of the pack, scolding the other dogs for playing too rough and supervising from on high.  Jewell is very loving and affectionate.  Her favorite activity is watching other dogs on TV and YouTube.  She is a sweet and delicate princess.  Jewell's favorite White wines are Gewurztraminer or Riesling and her favorite Reds are Frontenac or Pinot Noir!